Introduction to Hong Kong

Introduction to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a long tradition as a commerce, trade and financial centre, which makes it a perfect regional hub for European businesses in Asia.

Hong Kong is also considered one of the world’s most free markets and provides an international business climate, world class infrastructure, a superb airport, a straightforward tax system, easy company registration process and a strategic and geographically favourable location.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city with strong growth prospects; a gateway to opportunities in mainland China and the Greater Bay Area which includes Hong Kong, Macau and 11 cities in the Guangdong province; and unrivalled regional base with a superb airport where 100 airlines offer easy access to the rest of Asia. Stable, business-friendly and cosmopolitan, Hong Kong is the perfect location for your business

Today there are about 2,200 European companies with a local presence in Hong Kong.

Euro Asia Business Partner Limited has a valuable network and high level of competence in how business works in Hong Kong and the nearby region in Asia. We specifically focus on the industry sectors of Healthcare, IT, Innovation & Technology, Retail and Environmental products and solutions.

Hong Kong will continue to act as a gateway and base for operations in China.

The startup scene in Hong Kong is thriving and strongly supported by the Hong Kong Government, this includes financial support opportunities.

Setting up a company in Hong Kong is very simple and does not require a lot of time and investment. There is no minimum capital in Hong Kong and a foreigner can have 100% of the shares of a private limited company.

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